>58,000 specimens

The UW-Madison bryophyte collection has a long tradition, dating back to the 1880's with some of our founder's (Increase Lapham) earliest surviving specimens.  Other botanists who had a particularly important role in shaping the bryophyte collection include: C. R. Barnes, L. S. Cheney, R. H. True, G. H. Conklin, C. E. Allen, and the late bryophyte curator, R. I. Evans (b.1902-d.1969).  As a result of their efforts, mosses and liverworts form a significant part of the total herbarium holdings. At the present time, there are approximately 58,000 bryophyte specimens individually packaged within bin boxes that were moved into cabinets on the herbarium's lower level in 2015.  Many of these are duplicate specimens that we are eager to exchange with other institutions.  If interested please contact one of the curators.



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