WIS Resources for Teachers

The instructors of several different UW-Madison courses make regular use of the Herbarium each year, and we encourage K-12 teachers in the state to contact us for tours, fieldtrips, or other forms of engagement that will foster a greater appreciation of our region's flora.   

At a minimum, classes are given a tour of the collection.  In other cases, students are engaged in hands-on exercises or they are required to complete an independent research project that makes use of the collections.   

Instructors of the following courses routinely bring their students to WIS:

  • Art History430 (Art of the Natural World) outreach
  • Botany305 (Plant Morphology)
  • Bot400 (Plant Systematics)
  • Bot401(Vascular Flora of WI)
  • Bot402 (Dendrology)
  • Bot422 (Plant Geography)
  • Bot455 (Vegetation of WI)
  • History of Science333 (History of Modern Biology)
  • Zoology 405 (Museums Studies)  

Please contact any Herbarium staff to arrange tours

or to discuss activities for your class!