Since 1992 WIS has taken the lead in organizing a mostly in-state consortium of herbaria that have been databasing their collections of vascular plant specimens collected in Wisconsin.  The content of the WisFlora project was greatly enhanced later by the staff at UWSP, and especially by Merel Black.  In 2015 the two sites were merged. 

Today >385,000 specimen records from the following 26 institutions are freely available to researchers: ber, cnnf, dnr, dnr-EC, ftmc, icf, ISM, MAD, MIL, MIN, MOR, MU, Nc, OSH, Pf, RIVE, Sewrpc, SUWS, UWEC, UWGB, UWL, UWM, Uwpl, UWSP, UWW, WIS. 

Maps, photos, descriptions, and other information for most species are also available. 


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